Our active programs

Institute programs span the globe and focus on turtle and tortoise conservation. Donations fund these on-going research and conservation initiatives.

Project locations and research programs include:

Guyana – ongoing marine turtle conseration

Galapagos Islands – giant tortoise conservation

Vietnam/China – world’s largest and rarest softshell turtle conservation

USA – On-going research and collection activities, including providing our research facilities, specimens and resources to turtle scholars visiting from around the globe.

About the Institute

The Institute was established in 1998 by Dr Peter Pritchard and features a research facility, library, offices, museum, residence for visiting scientists and a sanctuary.

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We rely on donations and grants to keep our programs at the Chelonian Research Institute running. Your contribution is greatly appreciated!

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We are a private, 501(c) 3 not-for-profit corporation. You will receive a tax receipt for any donation made to CRI.