Books by Peter C.H. Pritchard

The following titles are currently available at

RAFETUS: The Curve of Extinction
(2012) - The Story of the Giant Softshell Turtle of the Yangtze and Red Rivers

Tales from the Thébaïde
(2007) - Read the Review published by the Times Literary Supplement

Turtles of the World
(2007) - Authors: Franck Bonin, Bernard Devaux, Alain Dupré ; Translated by: Dr. Peter C.H. Pritchard

The Alligator Snapping Turtle: Biology and Conservation

The Galapagos Tortoises: Nomenclatural and Survival Status

Turtles of Venezuela
(1984) - Pritchard and Trebbau

Amphibians and Reptiles
(1979) - Rare and Endangered Biota of Florida, edited by Roy W. McDiarmid

Encyclopedia of Turtles
(1979) - Now out of print but used copies sometimes are available

Living Turtles of the World
(1967) - Used copies sometimes available

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